Question Answers of Software Engineering for BIM Sixth Semester

1)    What is Software Engineering?

Ans :         Software Engineering is the engineering discipline which is concerned with all aspects of software production from the early stage of system specification to maintaining of the system after it has gone into use

2)    What is software?

Ans :         Software is the programs along with all the associated documentation and configuration data which is needed to make these programs operate correctly.

3)    How many types of software are there? Explain them.

Ans :         There are two types of softwares:

a)     Generic products :

Software products developed for a general market is known as generic products. The systems produced by a development organization and sold on a open market to any customer who are able to buy them are the generic products. The specifications of these types of products are controlled by the organization which develops the software.

Eg : database, word processor, drawing packages, project management tools.

b)    Bespoke (customized) products :

Software product developed for a specific/particular customer is known as bespoke or customized products. Systems are ordered by a particular customer and the software is developed specially for that customer by a software contractor. In customized products, the specification is developed by the organization that is buying the software.                                                                                                Eg : Control system for electronic devices, systems written to support a particular business process, air traffic control system.

4)    Differentiate between software engineering and system engineering.

Ans :

S.N. System Engineering Software Engineering
1. Older discipline. Emerged after system engineering.
2. Is multidisciplinary. Does not consider multidisciplinary.
3. Difficult to rework in system. Easy to rework in software.
4. Broader concept. Part of a system engineering.

5)    What is a software process?

Ans :         Software process is a set of activities and associated results which produce a software product. It is a set of activities whose goal is the development or evolution of software.

6)    What are the fundamental process which are common to all software processes?

Ans :         The fundamental process which are common to all software processes are as follows :

a)     Software specification

b)    Software  development

c)     Software validation

d)    Software evolution

7)    What is a software process model ?

Ans :         Software process model is a simplified description/representation of a software process which is presented from a particular perspective. It is the abstraction of the process which is being described.

8)    List the types of software process model?

Ans :         Some of the types of software process model are as follows :

a)     Workflow model

b)    Dataflow or activity model

c)     Role action model

9)    List the general model or paradigms of software development.

Ans :         The general model of software development are as follows :

a)     Waterfall model

b)    Evolution or development model

c)     Formal transformation model

d)    Reusable model

10)  What are the costs of software engineering?

Ans :         There is not a single perfect answer to this question as the precise distribution of the costs across the software process depends on the process used and the type of software which is being developed. Generally, 60% of costs are development costs and 40% are testing costs. For custom software, evolution costs are often higher than development costs.

11)  What are software engineering methods?

Ans :         It is the structured approach to software development whose aim is to produce high quality software in a cost effective way.

12) What is CASE?

Ans :         CASE are the software systems which are intended to provide automated support for software process activities.

13) What are the attributes of a good software?

Ans :         The attributers of a good software are as follows :

a)     Maintainability

b)    Dependability

c)     Efficiency (Responsive, speed execution)

d)    Usability (User friendly)

14) What are the key challenges facing software engineering?

Ans :         The key challenges facing software engineering are as follows :

a)     Legacy challenge

b)    Heterogeneity challenge

c)     Delivery challenge