bim question bank (POM TU 2009)

Office of the Dean

Candidates are required to answer the questions in their own words as far as practicable

Group ‘A’
Brief Answer Questions: [10×1=10]
1. Provide the classification of managers based on management levels.
2. Draw a sketch on the systems view of an organization.
3. Give the main branches that make up management science theory.
4. List business plans and link them with respective managerial hierarchy.
5. Point out the categories of authority.
6. Define matrix structure of organization architecture in one sentence.
7. Mention any four qualities of leadership.
8. Specify the meaning of psychological control in organizations.
9. State the types of control used in the process of control in organizations.
10. Give four reasons of employees’ resistance to change in organizations.

Group ‘B’
Short Answer Questions: [6×5=30]
11. What are managerial roles? Explain managerial roles as classified by Henry Mintzberg.
12. Describe the behavioral perspective of management thought. Also explain its relevance to management.
13. What are planning premises? Describe the pitfalls of planning.
14. What is decentralization? Describe the advantages of decentralization.
15. Define communication. Describe the barriers of effective communication.
16. Is organizational change a must? Describe the forces that bind organizations to go for change.
Group ‘C’

Comprehensive answer questions: [4×5=20]
17. Read the following case carefully and answer the questions that follow:
Nepal Academy (NA) is a Biratnagar based academic institution established as a private enterprise and registered under Company Act of Nepal in the year 2004. NA has twenty five members in it with an even capital investment of ten hundred thousand each. Among the investors Rakesh, Mukesh and Yogesh are assuming the responsibility of CEO, Financial Controller and Operation Manager respectively and also enjoying perquisites from NA in addition to the earnings of the enterprise. Rakesh and Mukesh are very popular as promoters in creating and transferring academic institutions with immense gain and their team is considered as pioneer in the field. Going back to their past records, it was found that both of them without alienation continued such endeavor for the last fifteen years and had set success stories numbering to seven institutions. Since their efforts had always paid they were also successful in keeping and rolling most of the investors in-tact.

Yogesh, the operation manager is assuming the responsibilities of operating intermediate level academic programs. The number of students at this level far exceeded with the number of students at bachelor and master levels. Though the mission set by NA is to build the institutions to the level of university, the way Yogesh is viewing it is as a profit center even in the short run. As a consequence the approach of Rakesh and Mukesh as compared to Yogesh revealed often contradictory in most of the issues related to NA operation. Rakesh and Mukesh emphasized on introducing different levels of academic programs with multifaceted demanding disciplines and considering the long term perspectives academic as well as financial soundness. Both of them are of the opinion that such views really enhance the image and finally the good health of the institution, financial hardships in the short run though. On the contrary, Yogesh usually stresses on intermediate level and in addition running coaching classes heavily. He is of the opinion that the market share as well as the growth rate is high along with substantially low discipline problem. This is the argument always thrown in the board meeting by him. Yogesh was redundant enough to propose in the formal as will as informal meetings too to segregate the investors to programs as per their will when in minority. This attitude of Yogesh has culminated unhealthy formation of groups creating uncongenial environment at NA.

Rakesh and Mukesh on the other hand are of the opinion that issues raised by Yogesh are of trivial matter which should not at all disturb the very mission of the institution. They have started initiating major decisions and getting approval from the board afterwards. On different occasions, both Rakesh and Mukesh have filtered their expressions which stated that any member not interested with the way the institutions is heading may quit with their investments based on the assessment of present status of NA.

Vocal attitude of this sort of all the three active members led the institutions to a state of confusion and more towards uncertainty. Communication breakdown is common. Operation level and board meetings are rare. Misunderstanding mounted and the compliance of common principles and functions of management faded away. Violation of authority and responsibility are rampant. Due to all these, NA is facing acute problems.

The persisting situations flair up amongst other members of NA and sixty five percent of the shareholders has already lodged application to the chair person of the board highlighting the problems. It is likely that there will be special general meeting in the near future. This way it seems apparent that the fate of the institution and the members associated to it is in serious danger.

a. What is your assessment about the conditions of NA from the general management perspective?
b. Explain the strengths and weakness of NA and also describe the possibility of correcting misunderstanding amongst the three major active organizational participants.
c. What do you think as the major factors contributing to uncongenial environment at NA putting the institution fate in serious danger? What rescue measures do you suggest to deal with the situation and save the institution.
d. What would be your advice to Rakesh, Mukesh and Yogesh in the given situation of NA?


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